Home page of the Anglo-Indian Association of New South Wales. It includes an excellent selection of topics of interest to most Anglo Indians - opinion pieces, news updates, a bulletin board exchanging news and ideas, articles on India past and present, and a "pen-pal" type listing ("Where are they Now" section) to enable Anglo-Indians across the world to make contact and keep in touch.

The home page of the Australian Residents Anglo-Indian Association

Western Australia's Anglo Indian Association

The Anglo-Indian Home Page hosted by Adrian Gilbert. It encompasses several academic (and not-so-academic) articles (under the banner "The International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies") relating to Anglo-Indian history and sociological viewpoints. The index page has articles that make for absorbing reading (print them out, rather than peruse them on the screen, as some of these are lengthy) and cover a diversity of material from book reviews to short fiction.

Reviews of Anglo-Indian publications.

Doreen Jonas's attractive website with her recipes, links, family lineage, and blog.

Check out Esther Lyon's home page. She is the author of several books, notably Unwanted which has been hailed as a poignant and courageous tale of loss and redemption. Click on




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