Harry MacLure, well known among our global Community as editor of the superlative glossy quarterly magazine, Anglos In The Wind, now has his own web site. He is a man of many talents - gifted cartoonist, imaginative book graphic designer and short fiction author. Get to know him better by clicking on

All about the Bangalore based community

A site dedicated to family tree research

The Anglo-Indian presence on Facebook. One of several.

Max Galstaun is the main event here

As the link implies this is the site of Jharkhand based Anglo-Indians

Promotes Warren Brown's book “The Secret Race: The Anglo Indians”

Anglo-Indians in Patna and Danapur are represented on this site

Cookbooks - always dear to us Anglo-Indians connoisseurs of fine food. Bridget White-Kumar has published three books on Anglo-Indian cuisine. Visit her website at or meet her in the Reading Room or under the books-movie section on the Memoirs page of this site. Also visit:

The personal web site of Ray (from Dehra Dun) and Shirley Barnes. They now live in Ranchi and their web site includes an interesting family biography and photographs of friends and family.

An Anglo-Indian web site on McCluskiegunj with a gallery of old photos, links to other Anglo-Indian organisations, and a list of McCluskiegunj residents.

The web site of the Indian Railways

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