Farewell the Winterline is a nostalgic look at Stanley Brush's years as a schoolboy in Mussoorie. For more details of how you can obtain this go to: http://www.farewellthewinterline.com/ Although no longer updated, the content of the Newsletter is still worth browsing through, particularly for anecdotal stories and plenty of recipes. Click on http://www.farewellthewinterline.com/newsletter.htm

CTR run by Blair Williams is a US based 'not for profit organization that is dedicated to helping Anglo-Indians in India. It has branches in Canada, the U.K. and Australia. CTR relies on donations from supporters and well-wishers. In addition CTR Publications offers readers a series of books on Anglo-Indian culture, the proceeds of which go to the charity. http://www.blairrw.org/ctr/index.php

Bert Payne has compiled a bibliography of Anglo-Indian publications, periodicals, films radio and reunion dates/venues. There is a list of famous Anglo-Indians as well as a very useful list of bookstores where Anglo-Indian literature can be obtained. A worthwhile reference tool. www.alphalink.com.au/~agilbert/bert.html

A further reference source is located at http://www.anglo-indians.com/index.asp

A trendy site that the younger generation in particular will enjoy. http://www.pepperwater.com/


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