The Anglo-Indian Portal has my vote for the BEST Anglo-Indian website on the Internet. It is a lively, well-designed and innovative website, which is easy to navigate, has variety of interactive links and features articles and reviews and an informative dictionary of Anglo-Indian terms. Signing up as a member (it's free and the form is user-friendly) puts you on the membership list and permits interactive participation. Eugene Terrence Fletcher, the gifted web-master, hails from Bilaspur and Bangalore, but is currently a resident of Lisbon, Portugal..

Denise Stephan, an Anglo-Indian from Bangalore, lives with her husband and daughter in Germany. This is a pretty, sparkly site! To experience Bangalore, Mysore, Bandipur and street scenes of India visit her home page at Click on the centre image to plunge into a delightful family photo album and a visual tour of South India. The images are vivid and you can almost hear the beeping of horns on the streets and smell the spices and dust! Bandipur has some superb nature shots. It is well worth taking the time to browse through the entire album.

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